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a.d.l.r. - ‘Foam on the Waves of Space-Time…’ (Cs / Digi) Available Now + “Supreme Sunlight” Video

a.d.l.r. - Foam on the Waves of Space-Time... a.d.l.r. is Nicholas Morera, a 22 year old musician from Laguna Beach, California currently residing in Los Angeles. Foam on the Waves of Space-Time…  is Nicholas' debut album and the third full-length release from Non Projects.


The white First Edition Cassettes are sold out.


Second Edition Cassettes are Available Now in an edition of 100, this time with a red cassette.


2nd Edition Red Cassette


Purchase Digital from






Cassette tape edition limited to 100 copies worldwide with art by Kim Asendorf and design by Atley Kasky + includes a free 320k mp3 download link.


Mastering by Taylor Deupree.




"Supreme Sunlight" video by Kim Asendorf.



A complete autodidact, Nicholas began DJ’ing at the age of 11, inspired by the sound of LA's Beat Junkies on the now defunct 92.3 The Beat. After hearing Aphex Twin and Squarepusher at the age of 16, he then took on electronic music. Absorbing the sound design and fabric of Warp Records style electronic music, Morera soon discovered and immersed himself in the world of compositional techniques from such modern classical luminaries as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Boulez. Gaining a solid understanding of these composers' languages, Nicholas' self-teachings then brought him to the every other year Darmstadt New Music Festival (Internationale Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik) in Darmstadt, Germany - a summer school in contemporary classical music which has hosted a large number of avant-garde composers as both students and lecturers including John Cage, Gyorgi Ligeti, Iannis Xenakis and many more.


As a.d.l.r., Morera takes his progressive compositional ear and feeling and weaves in current forms of sample-based drone, collage, minimal techno, ambience, tape music and microsound to create a highly listenable lush and coherent whole of audio ephemera that fits right in line with the immersive sounds of the Non Projects catalog.


Photo by Kim Asendorf




Foam on the Waves of Space-Time... Preview Mix



1. Supreme Sunlight

2. Tactility of Time

3. Wilder Plain

4. Wisp

5. Euclid

6. The Sofest Shade of Purple of a Powdery Hue

7. End

8. Personal Grids

9. Bright Wave

10. Basho

11. The Systems

Photo by Spencer Lowell. Pixel sorting by Kim Asendorf.

Photo by Spencer Lowell. Pixel sorting by Kim Asendorf.

Photo by Spencer Lowell. Pixel sorting by Kim Asendorf.


Photo by Spencer Lowell. Pixel sorting by Kim Asendorf.


Press: 92bpm, Altered Zones, Brand X, Foxy Digitalis Review, Future Sequence Interview, Future Sequence Review, LA Record Review, OMG Vinyl, Rebel, XLR8R ("Wisp" mp3), XLR8R ("Supreme Sunlight" Video)


Distribution: Cargo (UK)

minimix sounds bloody awesome. is there also going to be a vinyl release of this beauty or should I get the cassete?

by tim on 2010 12/17 11:02 AM

Hey Tim,

This is a cassette / digital only release for the time being.

by Brian on 2010 12/20 02:57 AM