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Asura┬« - 2xLP and Digital Available Now / Free “Manzanita” Download + Teaser Mix

Asura Jacket Asura is here.


"An absolutely magical record, really unique and truly immersive..." - Mary Anne Hobbs


"Sublime pulsing electronics and layered bliss... gorgeous music." - Boomkat


"The fact that this is his first record is, in itself, crazy — seriously, York projects a level of comfort and even command in his experimenting." - Dominic Umile

"Los Angeles on fire once more with this sumptuous record from Ryan York... an eclectic work that is genuinely surprising." - Bleep


Now available on 2xLP and Digital formats! The inaugural Non Projects release is the debut multi-genre album by Los Angeles resident Ryan York. An album of pure emotion and evocative powers, Asura plays out like a continuous movie for the mind. Complete with neck snapping beats and snaky synth lines, silent yet absorbing ambient washes, acoustic instrumental prowess and compositional laptop mastery, Asura satisfies the inner ear's and heart's desires with a physical thump, while consistenly bringing the listener back for more. Non Projects stands firmly behind Asura and is incredibly proud to bring you what will undoubtedly be one of the best debut albums of the year. 


Mastered by Daddy Kev at The Echo Chamber (digital) and Simon Davey at The Exchange (vinyl).


* Vinyl copies include a 16 page booklet of Asura's art.


* All vinyl orders placed directly from Non Projects will receive a free 320k MP3 download of the album.



$20.00 + shipping


Digital version available from:





Turntable Lab


US east coast residents are encouraged to order the vinyl from Insound.




1. Asura I

2. Peptine

3. I Saw You In Vice (Anenon Birthday Remix)

4. Orrorin

5. Asura II

6. From The Beach

7. Manzanita

8. Voxels

9. Asura III

10. Her Tearing

11. Timber (with Ana Caravelle)

12. The Eleventh

13. Feathers


Asura - "Manzanita"


Asura Album Teaser Mix



Distribution Inquiries:


US / JP - Crosstalk

UK - Cargo

EU - Rush Hour

lisning now

inspirational stuff

I gotta write a review later


so far asura iii was the most pleasant of many pleasant moments

by glia on 2010 01/14 05:30 PM

Voxels is my fave, but yeah, I can’t stop bumping this thing. Awesome work.

by AutomaticThoughts_ on 2010 03/26 12:29 AM