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The Destroyer EP
  1. Tracklist

  2. Initiation - Quitters - Freedom
  3. Aggro Crag
  4. Slime Time Live
  5. Blue Blood Baskets
  6. Music for the Ambitious Careerwoman
  7. Onigashima
  8. Tape Shreds
  9. Responsibility - Stress - Release





Non Projects is very excited to introduce to the world the music of RareBit, born Justin Hopkins.

A 24 year-old professional illustrator, graphic and sound designer originally from the Pacific Northwest of America and now living in Los Angeles, RareBit’s music thrives on controlled chaos. A collection of tracks pieced together by Justin and label owner Brian Simon, The Destroyer EP serves as a fine introduction to the young man’s work and is a preview of what’s to come later in the year for Justin’s upcoming full-length debut.

The name RareBit stems from Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, a turn of the century comic strip by Winsor McCay in which each week, an unnamed character would wake up from an inexplicable dream at the peak moment of confusion. One experiences this phenomenon both after each track and a listen to the EP. “Familiar sounds reassembled in a seemingly natural way that only seem strange after dissection” as Justin puts it. From the cavernous prepared piano mantras of “Music for the Ambitious Careerwoman,” the massive cut and paste disco pastiche of “Aggro Crag” (which contains sounds recorded by Justin across the world including the U.S., Burma and France), the confounding and catchy tunes of “Onigashima” to the otherworldly synth vistas of “Responsibility – Stress – Release”, The Destroyer EP proves to be beautifully disorienting, frighteningly immersive and immensely colorful all in one. Dive in.