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Gold and Soil - ‘Gold and Soil’ LP / Digital Available Now

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Gold and Soil is duality – the coexistence of nature and civilization, the friction of experimentation and pop and the merging of organics and mechanics. 


Realized in a remote yurt somewhere in the depths of Topanga Canyon, a wondrous and lush forested area minutes outside of the city of Los Angeles, the self-titled debut album from Anahita Navab (Ana Caravelle) and Ryan York (Asura) is the embodiment of this dwelling. It is a warm and inviting, yet ever far reaching work that yearns to find itself somewhere in the interstices of these aforementioned opposing spheres journeyed every day. 



A natural pairing from the beginning, the work of Ana and Ryan (whom are both currently PHD candidates in Psychology and Neuroscience, respectively) has produced nothing but stellar results in the form of collaborations - the debut self-titled Asura record and Ana’s breakout debut album, 'Basic Climb' (both 2010, Non Projects). Ryan’s production of African influenced percussion and modern synthesizer and textural workings twist, turn and meld with Ana’s unique and sumptuous vocals with a logic all it’s own. Carrying the listener with each track from start to finish is a testament to York’s skills as an experienced jazz bassist and improvising cellist who has most recently, and notably, lent his bowing skills to the also idiosyncratic vocals of Zola Jesus ('Conatus,' Sacred Bones, 2011). Gold and Soil's backbone is production from a musician who understands the very nature of how improvisation and composition combine to create wholes bigger than the sums of their parts. 



The words that Ana so elegantly and effortlessly sing resonate and invoke a wide range of personal emotions. Topics vary immensely including the current and turbulent political climate of Iran - the place of Ana’s family origin and the inspiration for “Pure Place.” Elsewhere, as Ana describes it, “the depths of wild childish play that grown adults can only fully experience in the context of giddy love” set the vocal beds for “Alone.” The digging down into one’s personal history charges the deeply moving ambient motion of “Selloana,” a re-contextualization of a found haiku written by Ana’s mother – a search for her child within. It is this search for the hidden joys beneath our surfaces that is the impetus for the music of Gold and Soil and it moves us all time and time again.


"Vulnerable child, I want to find you again. Come play with me."



01. Where or When
02. See You Again
03. Alone
04. Cloud Atlas
05. Selloana
06. Golden, Brown, Burgundy
07. Everything Anything Nothing
08. Of Our Earth
09. Pure Place
10. Cody's Song
11. Owl Feathers



Cover photography by The Collaborationist. Cover design by Jon-Kyle Mohr. Press photos by Paulo Rafael.



Video for "Cody's Song" by Miko Revereza.


Press: Concepto Radio, Dummy, FACT, Hunger, Impose, NPR, Resident Advisor, Societe Perrier