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Ana Caravelle's 'Benthic' Available Now

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‘Benthic’ is the new album from multi instrumentalist and vocalist Ana Caravelle and the followup to 2010’s acclaimed ‘Basic Climb’. Produced by Ryan York, ‘Benthic’ is a set of three luxurious song suites. In these suites, Ana explores the idea of evolution and change through intimate harp and vocal recordings alongside subtly alluring digital processing and re-arrangements by York. Based on being the very bottom layer of the ocean, ‘Benthic’ presents a contrast and friction as the symbol of being grounded, literally, in the vast ocean that Ana believes represents change to human beings.


Grouped in threes, as in the Western harmonic tradition of the triad, each suite deals with separate issues. From seeing the world from the perspective of a child with autism (something Ana deals with as a PhD candidate at UCSB) to finding a new home for ones’ self and the quirks and relationships formed that come along with that. “Vipassana,” The third and final suite profoundly reflects on a ten day silent meditation, ending with simplicity suddenly found - instantaneously feeling the essence of love present itself in the space created by silence.


  1. Same Space Same Time 1: Stims
  2. Same Space Same Time 2: Like You Told Me
  3. Same Space Same Time 3: How Could I Refuse?
  4. Greenleaf Canyon 1: Sunrise
  5. Greenleaf Canyon 2: All Lights
  6. Greenleaf Canyon 3: Your Canyon Holds Our Hearts
  7. Vipassana 1: There Was No Space for Me
  8. Vipassana 2: The World Inside Our Minds
  9. Vipassana 3: I Let You Go Today

Cover illustration by Justin Hopkins
Press photos by Anthony Ciannamea



Ana Caravelle
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